by Branka Kurtz

Lost in time, born in an ancient dream,
In the depths of the eternal ocean, island of happiness, a utopia for all known,
Trapped in the preferences, squeezed on the bottom of the endless sea,
Unreal, but created, preferred country from bygone ancient days.

Mourned, described, place mentioned, painted, designed,
For a passenger unattainable, distant goal, for adventurer only a small berry,
For anchoring souls in endless infinity of Pacific,
In eternity of heart to heart dialogue and letters written long ago,
Protected by drops of unfulfilled happiness, very known to soul,
Atlantis is still hiding in the depths of man’s dreams.

That far-off island, unattainable point of eternal peace,
Calling trembling hearts in embrace of peace and happiness,
While strings vibrates, celestial harp plays hymn for her,
Sirens with their song madding wind that powering sails.
Magical sounds touching desire, every note touches the heart,
In depth of his sleepy soul, man lives eternally spring.

Life woven of the moment
Life woven of the moment

In the sunshine state rules force that combines elements of strength in existence, wisdom that leads us to live in accordance with its laws, and love that refines the conscious knowledge of good fortune for living on a blue planet.
Time is gone in billions of years, we say without thinking about the energy that was at the same time freed and created moments, minutes, hours, days, years and millenniums. Homo Sapiens started to rule the blue planet and perceived power that the planet is separated by dark energy, force that has helped a sunny light to breathe life in dark matter, he also perceived that it happened at a time when the universe was still dense and lighter than it is today. But what is the force that the world in its interior holds together? It’s a question that still seeks an answer.

Sometime back in 1666 year, young man was sitting under the apple tree and looked while mature fruit flies straight toward the ground. He began to think why this is so and why isn’t ripe apple flew in another direction, or why it isn’t rest floating in the air. The young man concluded that the force that pulls the fruit to the ground comes from the land itself. It is the power that manifests itself in attracting masses of solid matters and strengthens and weakens in relation to the gravity of matter and the distance between them, this is the first of the four basic forces, our well-known but still not sufficiently explained, gravity.
Homo Sapiens has managed to overpower the force and soar in the universe and thanks to her he always successfully returns to the blue planet. There, in the infinite space he recognizes the visible matter, but the space where it mobiles and the energy that creates an infinite space he has not yet been able to detect. Such exotic matter, which he does not see and the phantom power that he does not feel, makes Homo Sapiens confused, but in the same time it encourages us to think about them. And he is maybe unaware of this, that with his thoughts he also creates.

Today seems to us that the path to discovering the properties of dark energy is enigma to science, as it is still wrapped in mystery and enigma of the energy source of our conscious perception and the energy that creates a time.
Let’s change the course of time. Imagine that it is a river and that we are standing for million years on its shore and watch her as she passes by us in the past. Let’s keep its source hidden for now in the point where he may one day come across our consciousness with the consciousness of the universe and we will enter the world still unexplained of the dark energy, there we will become its property and remain there for centuries. Let’s stay on the bank of the river, because if we go downstream we’ll come back in time and sail into the chaos from which we come or we will get lost in the vortex of energy formations and may change the course of time and our life. That does not mean forgetting the past, but the only thing we can, what is truly within our power, is take a moment and consciously realize its properties and will be forever turned toward the source. I am standing at its zenith and enter the water, matches with droplets that touch me. Yes, this is the classic understanding of time, it actually flows beside me and I really stand in the river of no return. Each new foamed droplet is illuminated by new trace of the sun that goes to the source of darkness in the night, which conceals all the unsolved mysteries of my knowledge.

River of no return flows, and I feel myself lucky being in the moment. The beauty of this feeling is hoping that new droplets will sparkle even better although it will be a different color. Facing the sunset, aware that life loses its zenith, that matins is just a nice memory, I bathe in the coming, always beautiful, the water droplets that are coming. In front of my inner eyes lifts up the curtain behind it was hidden my stage of life.
Life woven out of moments called me to consciously participate in this great gala show. Waking moment, I can see his outline, I feel his strength, crossing the ramp and becoming participant of the time. My thoughts, feelings and perceptions merge into a play that I live consciously. The dynamics of my mind becomes choreography of the moment, and senses, and feelings dance their deadly dance. Floodlights of my mind revealing all the hidden corners of the stage, naked and ashamed subconscious dresses glittering garment of knowledge. Rejecting all that common sense dictates to me, all deliberate embellishment, willfully forgetting the requested images and respect the course of my thoughts. Immediacy of the child, I’m looking my world and see myself in the colors of Impressionist painters. Instant shines in marshmallow color I recognize purple flowers in it that are rising from lilac foam , and I feel myself separating the gap and the movement I turning it into lace nacre’s color , the area with which I complements. My inner light, as reflectors of consciousness, rambling the darkness of the stage, and changing the appearance of objects. In that game of darkness and light I perceive magical power of solid matter in the world around me. Guided by conscious knowledge and with belief in the knowledge I discovered new states of matter.

In front of my inner sight, a stage becomes endless blue, in which moment expands and becomes a crystal stairs, which rises me to the next moment. In it I see new smells in some new area. That is a usual civic room, full of air and sea, scented lavender, pebbles and shells. I’m enchanted by hundredth smell that are spread by virtues, wisdoms, habits, a whole mysterious, invisible, ethical and moral life, which keeps the whole atmosphere. Remembering creates a new moment in which my hands are going to face an old man who smells of childhood, roasted chestnuts and freshly picked strawberries cart.
Lived moments are coming back, not by the river of no return, but by the river, that the only flows in two directions.

Perhaps it is dark energy, to which we have not yet discovered the properties, maybe only her gives us opportunity to live past in the moment in which we glimpses the future. The moment lasts and from my “river brain” emerges once again feeling, metamorphosed into a world.
Paintings by old masters, lasts in the moment without which the picture would not have had any knowledge of his making. I see the gods in Greek mythology, nymphs and sirens, the biblical prophets, persons from the Middle Ages, Renaissance thinkers. All that imaginary world or real world from the past lives in the moment of awakening. I am being unable to get out of it, being that all other finds in itself and through itself. Becoming impressionistic researcher of myself, dropping the body contours and architecture, blurring boundaries of personality in the space and time and starting to study element by element from which I am composed.
River of time flows forever, behind me are piling up lived, and now unproductive moments, and I’m standing in its trough and in that moment I taming its dissipation. Past that roamed the earth as a faithful companion, and pointed me out to dream about her, and to give a moment meaning of the past, has now become a symphony of the moment and I feel its tones in the particles from which I have composed, but that are always more beautiful tones, and all that’s gone I consider in myself like new feeling and moment of living my whole life. Then no longer I have to search for lost time, as, because it gathered on the stage of moments in the play that just lasts.

The sun descends towards the western sky, my inner light reveals in the distance darkness shrouded, by the secret of the beginning, river without coming back rushing toward the mouth to the infinity of the time, and I realized that my body can not exist without the conventional sense. Descends into the intricate and still unclear pathways of the body, to be deeply pushed by them into the outside world. A symphony noise of the moment resonates through body and I listen no longer with my ears. Fragrances are widely and included in every cell of my consciousness, light rays penetrate the outlines of seen, and my body looks at the world with my mind about it. Connected at the time of my thoughts, my memories and my fantasies reveal the origin of its foundation. They come from the distant past and I feel their ancient origins. On the stage of my moment occurs the history of a number of living creatures, occurs what will without a true sense, stayed hidden to my mind forever. The moment connects me with the universe, and I feel that my dark energy rejecting me. Born in the gravitational field, my body permeated with my thoughts, still isn’t included in that part of eternity.
I’m trying to achieve impossible, to separate the thought from body, and allow it to move itself into the infinite, a thought that would be my navel cord with the universe. I feel that only then will I truly know who I am, from where I came, and then I’ll be able to suggest where to go.

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