residenza atistica

Nocefresca is a residency that brings together artists, designers, writers and creative nomads from around the world. Our objective is for artists to focus on their projects while experiencing the inspiring environment of Sardinia island, Italy.


deadline: 2nd december 2020 > APPLY NOW Do you search for time and space to focus on your projects and connect with other artists while enjoying a mediterranean environment?
We are excited to announce our open call to the island of Sardinia, Italy. Our artist residency program 2021 will bring you to the charming rural village of Milis, nestled just below the Montiferru mountain range, only a 19km drive (or bike ride!) from the stunning beaches of Sardinia’s west coast.

who its for

This program is perfect for (but not limited to) visual artists, designers, digital creative professionals, researchers, artisans and writers with no restrictions on age or geographical origin.


As a resident artist in Sardinia, you will have the opportunity to utilize its spaces, features and resources to your benefit and creativity. This may involve researching specific topics, outdoor excursions and exploration, community engagement and social activities, historical studies, studio projects and workshops, artist collaboration and much more with curatorial assistance and guidance throughout your stay.
You’ll also have access workspaces and professional production assistance to help you during your project, which can be discussed in detail prior to your arrival to ensure that you are placed in a location and position instrumental to your progress. You may elect to live with other artists and have more opportunities for sharing and collaborating in creativity, building international friendships and professional associations with artists from around the world. You may also choose to live independently and establish a private work studio at your residence, while availing of individual encounters, connections and weekly scheduled group meetings where you can share and involve others in your creative path. During your stay, local curator Francesca Sassu will pay you regular visits and be on-call to answer your questions, assist you with any needs and help plan your activities.


This program features rural villages of Sardinia as a space for research and creative experimentation with a particular focus on the relationship between humans, nature and future. Topics on fields and studies that may intertwine local and universal interest include botany, agriculture, food, landscape, community, sustainability, history, anthropology, culture and more.
Resident artists will have the freedom to explore a geographical area among the oldest in the Central Mediterranean and build connections and overlaps between ancient and contemporary stories, local and global cultures, origins and sustainability.

are there any requirements?

Nocefresca residency are focused on research and confrontation with other artists and the local territory: there are not any required outcomes. During your stay on Sardinia, we only ask for the gift of your creative input in any form, such as cooking your favorite recipe during a public dinner, conducting a workshop for local artists, having a public talk or providing a local service founded on your personal passions. Because we seek to establish a lasting creative hub where artists come and go but are always remembered, any input that you offer and connections that you make are an invaluable contribution to our goal of creating a sustainable and lasting artist community here on Sardinia.

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