In the afternoon, when the northwestern wind maestral becomes stronger,they come out of the sea one after another. Tall and slim, with sunbleached hair, the windsurfers bring out their surfs and gently lay them down at the tip of the famous beach Zlatni rat (Golden cape) on Bol, island Brac. They are not coming out because the wind is too strong; of course not, they love it. No, they are just overpowered and they need to change their sails.

The hamlet Bol on the Croatian island Brac is one of the places to go for windsurfing on the Adriatic coast. It is excellent for beginners, and it is very good for experienced surfers, too. It is one of the best places to learn the sports, which is also called the mother of all trendsports. The morning wind, levant, is perfect for those who have not dared yet to brave the waves and currents. The afternoon maestral, which starts blowing at one pm and its strongest around four pm, is desired by those who like to chase the wind.

Windsurfing defines Bol. Many visitors come for it, although the village on the south side of Brac has more to offer. Vidova gora, the mountain above it, rises almost from the sea and is a challenge for walkers and bikers alike. The rich under-water world attracts divers and snorkelists. Clay courts amidst the pine treas invite those who like to play tennis. And the beautiful triangular beach Zlatni rat is frequented by those who fell in love with it on postcards.
Nevertheless, of all the sports available windsurfing has been the most coveted almost since the beginning of tourism in the village; closely followed by kiting. The tradition of windurfing started in early 1970’s when there was no asphalt road leading to the village, and the visitors came by ferry. In one of the surfers’ meeting point, the Big Blue bar, there is a photo of a car being slowly lowered by cranes. There is nothing special by it, everybody was lifted on ferries at the time, except for one detail: the surf on the roof of the car. A decade later the first windsurfing school opened. Now, there are four windsurfing schools and one kiting school and Bol is becoming a center for sports tourism.

Zlatni-rat-Golden-Beach-CroatiaBesides diving, windsurfing, a surface water sport that combines elements of surfing and sailing, is the only true individualistic sea sport. It fulfills the desire of all those who want more from holidays than to spend time on the beach with a book in hands. It is especially loved by those who would rather not spend their vacation under the broiling sun but obey the wishes of their families. They all come to Bol from May to September to enjoy it.
No wonder; windsurfing is fun, especially once you master the gliding, referred to as planing, the jumps, and the turns. Then, you yearn for your daily fix of wind in your hands. And soon you, too, become one of the windurfers coming out of the sea to change the sail.

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