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Mediterranea | June 16, 2019

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Articoli diSonja Merljak Zdovc, Autore a Mediterranea

Wind In Hands

In the afternoon, when the northwestern wind maestral becomes stronger,they come out of the sea one after another. Continua

Many Faces of Poverty

It has happened in the past, it will happen in the future. It shouldn’t happen at all.
This is the story of poverty.


The Slovene Literary Theatre of Absurd: Three Novelists were Charged of Libel

In January 2009, Goran Vojnovic, the author of a highly successful novel Cefurji Raus! (2008) in which he writes about the second generation immigrants from Balkans living in the part of Ljubljana called Fužine, learned that he is being investigated by the police. Continua

Richness of literary world in Slovenia

Neža Maurer

Neža Maurer

The poetess Neža Maurer received the prestigious Slovene Woman of the Year Award Neža Maurer, the 78-year-old poetess of love poems, stood in the limelight and she was saying: “While men shovel the gravel left and right and left and right, women fry eggs one, two. Continua

The Mosque of Ljubljana

On 9 December, 2008, Mihael Jarc, the member of Ljubljana City Council walked into the headquarters of Municipality of Ljubljana, and put in an application for a referendum. Continua